About Us

SINCERO Beginnings

Built on the foundation of integrity, sincerity in conduct and consistency, we at SINCERO believe that ‘Your life doesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by change’.

Founded in 2014 by five friends who shared the same desire of encouraging more family bonding over healthy meals at home, SINCERO started off with its first product which was the Intelligent Cooker, a cooktop that is effortless and convenient for all sorts of cooking methods, besides reducing the hassle of cleaning after. This began our journey on becoming a household name in the niche premium kitchenware industry.

Today, we are known to be the top choice when it comes to reliable, convenient cooking appliances such as cooktops, multi-cookers, food processors, steamers, air-fryers on top of our other innovative products both in our homeland Malaysia and across the regions of Singapore, Thailand, China and Hong Kong.

Our Vision

The core that drives SINCERO forward has always and will ever be the desire to build a society that is healthy because as the saying goes – health is wealth. And the foundation of a healthy society stems from health conscious households.

That is why SINCERO is constantly looking for better designs and improved functions while upholding our promise to raise the quality of life by providing quality kitchen and lifestyle products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and contributing to a healthier life, one household at a time. We want to assist and inspire families to live healthier lives because healthy families build healthy societies.
Here are the principles that we live by each day in the hopes of making SINCERO recognized throughout Asia:

Our Products

Enriching lives with healthy, convenient cooking. Living a fulfilled life is always a challenge in todays’ society as people find it difficult to balance between work and family, what more maintaining a balanced diet. SINCERO tackles these challenges head-on and provides solutions to everyday mundane but important businesses – cooking.
The combination of innovation and desire for a better world is what causes us to be committed in making time spent cooking a productive, meal preparations fast and delicious. At SINCERO, we merge our experience and achievements in physical fields with digital technologies in order to ensure the best of performance in your homes.

Our Customers

Trust is built on consistency. That is why strive towards continuous improvement and sustainable designs in each of our products with our customers’ interest in mind. Cooking will never be the same again with SINCERO – your kitchen companion.

Our Team

We believe in doing what is right, not what is easy. That is why each individual in our company is trained not just to be skilled and competent but most importantly to uphold the highest of integrity in their character. We collaborate with each other and our customers in order to cultivate good communication and growth within the brand.

Products & Services

We always strive to understand our customers’ needs and preferences in order to create the best of innovations. With our years of service in Malaysia, SINCERO stands to be the expert in providing practical, stylish and convenient home appliances. Today, SINCERO is proud to be recognized as a renowned high-end kitchenware and home appliance brand in Malaysia and its neighbouring countries.

Developed using German technology, all our products are SIRIM approved and top quality assured.

Customers’ confidence is our priority and therefore accreditation from external bodies are important to us.

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