SAP-300 Air Purifier


  • Power : 50W
  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Coverage Area : 600 Sq.Ft.
  • CADR : 320m3 / h
  • Cleaning Rate PM2.5 : >99%
  • Side stereoscopic quickness purification technology.
  • Get high performance electric motor technology from Germany.
  • Auto mode available to enable the adjustment made automatically according to the surrounding environment.
  • Touch control.
  • 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty.

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Internationally-acclaimed Germany designers are behind the award-winning Air Purifier System.
With its eye-catching color palette, the Sincero Air Purifier SAP 300 is perfect for the home where good looks matter,
but breathing clean air matters more.

Sincero Air Purifier SAP 300 is available access indoor/outdoor air quality data and get tips on how to stay in control of the air you breathe.

Sincero Air Purifier SAP 300 – Technology captures 99.97% of all airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size.
Its revolutionary combination of advanced filter media and an encapsulated particle-charging chamber ensures
that your Sincero Air Purifier SAP 300 delivers results far superior than either mechanical or electrostatic technology alone.

Naturally, there are brains behind the beauty of the Sincero Air Purifier SAP 300. With its innovative design,
this air purifier combines the very best in Germany engineering with functional aesthetics, such as the slim modern design.
Clean air never looked so good. Makes sense.

With Effective Filtering System such as:
-Pre Filter: To capture large dust particles likes hairs, pet hairs & dusts.
-Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter: Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter has powerful deodorizing ability.
-HEPA Filter: 99.9% dust collection rate.
-VOC Filter
-Negative Ions Generating Unit

What’s in the box:
– 1 x SINCERO SAP300 Air Purifier


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