SSM-911 Stainless Steel Multilayer Steamer


  • Product’s Size : L350 x W285 x H500mm
  • Stainless Steel Multilayer Steamer.
  • Formed by 3 layer steamer & base layer cooking pot.

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  • Suitable to cook & steam for various meals at once.
  • 14 Ventilation holes design on the edge of steaming grid ensures better heat diffusion, fast & even cooking.
  • 30% deepened design & energy saving up to 20%.
  • Visible lid design.
  • Compatible for all cooktops.


Why you should consider eating more STEAMED food.

👉Food retains more of its original vitamins, minerals & enzymes.
👉Softens fibres of vegetables and fruits, making them more easily digestible.
👉Makes it possible to cook a variety of foods quickly over one heat supply.

Enjoy the goodness of steamed foods today with Sincero’s Multilayer steamer with applied thermal technology for a more efficient and thorough heat distribution.


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