SAP-320 Air Purifier


  • Product’s Size : L370x W195 x H665mm
  • Product’s Weight : 8.5Kg
  • Power : 80W
  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Coverage Area : 800 Sq.Ft.
  • CADR : 320m3 / h
  • Cleaning Rate PM2.5 : >99.95%
  • Quiet Operation, Low Power Consumption, Class H12 HEPA Filter, Control Panel Digital Display

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7 Layers Filtering Techniques :

1) Aluminium Pre Filter

Aluminium alloy high dust capturing capacity filter.

2) Cold Catalyst Filter

Breaks down formaldehyde, kills bacteria & viruses at the same time.

3) Formaldehyde Removal Filter

Highly effective formaldehyde & benzene removal filter.

4) Antibacterial Filter

Anti-bacterial, moisture proof, mold resistance, inhibiting bacterial growth.

5) High Efficiency HEPA Filter

Up to a 99.9% filtering rate can be achieved.

6) UV Sterilize Light

Ultraviolet sterilization which makes use of the light with 365mm wavelength to kill bacteria.

7) Anion Release

Purify air efficiently & emit small diameter anion which good for the health of human bodies.



High efficiency disinfection and sterilization air purifier

20 Millions negative ions supercharged in room equal to
1000,000 trees in surroundings.

1) Promote health
2) Reducing stress and improve moods, promote deep sleep
3) Increase metabolism of carb and fats
4) Kill and inactivate harmful bacteria in room, stop growth of harmful bacteria.
5) Ultra Silent DC Motor.
6) Silent yet powerful purification to protect your loved one sleep.
7)Ultra wide purification with our powerful Nano with our powerful Nano DC Motor.
8)Eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria in the air. Effectively kills 99% of viruses and bacteria that pass thru our Sincero Air Purifier.
9)Remove harmful formaldehyde with our NanoCrystal Purification.


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